Rhyan Stone’s performance style is based on his roots in dance and costuming — his stage name comes from the word “rhinestone.”

Rhyan competes in drag pageants representing the male category know as “Drag King or Bio King” and is currently the First Canadian National Showman 2018-2019, Mr. Hott International 2018-2019, Mr. Gay Glam-Con 2018-2019, Mr. Club Marcella 2018-2019 of Buffalo and 1/2 Canadian Emperor to Reign 32 and recently Mr. Trillium 2017-2018 for The Imperial Court of Toronto.

Rhyan wows crowds with his flips, tricks, and acrobatic skills along with his seductive and captivating interactions with the audience. He is highly sought after to perform on the stages of multiple drag venues across Canada and the United States and loves to give back to his community by performing at many corporate events and fundraisers.

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