The Mandevilla flower comes in many colours and it’s trumpet shape often fills the vine from which she grows. Mandy (short for Amanda Villa) can claim the same. She wears vibrant colours, and just like the flower she’s named for, she can trumpet out to the world through lip-sync, live singing, comedy and hosting.

Mandy hosts a weekly series on Instagram called Mandy Monday. Each week she interviews queens, artists and other creative souls to share their inspiring stories.  She had been performing off and on for 25 years in Vancouver and Toronto. But, when Covid hit, Mandy dusted off some old outfits and began filling her closet and shelves with exciting wigs and new outfits. Mandy has taken her looks to a whole new level and feels just like the blossoming flower she is.

In her early life, Mandy performed in dozens of theatre and musical productions. This girl can truly deliver.  She was recently cast in a production of Cabaret and after weeks of rehearsals, Covid shut the showdown. It was this creative void that truly brought Mandy to the place she is today. And Mandy is now ready to show the world.

So, grab your drink, get comfortable and get ready to experience a lip sync assassin with a desire to get to know you better and put a smile on your face.

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