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Born in Mexico, Dulce is a fast-rising star amazing fans all over with her incredible dancing skills. She immigrated to Canada at a very young age and began exploring her identity. She began her drag journey in London Ontario. She now mainly performs in the Toronto scene. Despite starting drag in 2020, Dulce has been able to travel to several cities and show herself to be a fan favourite.

Dulce believes that is very important to represent all minorities and make sure that everyone in the room feels seen. She is always bringing aspects of her heritage into her drag and she is very influenced by all the strong Latin women she knows.

Dulce is always there to make sure the crowd is having fun and being entertained. She is known for her kind soul and attention to the crowds. If you are looking for an entertainer that will get the crowd wild, Dulce is your go-to, whether it be jumping off the stage into splits or cartwheeling into a death drop. If there is one thing certain, it is that Dulce will turn out any crowd.

La Diva Mexicana

Dulce wearing a dark green slit dress with red and white flowers and a matching cape draped behind her.

As Seen On

Miss El Convento Rico 2023-2024 (First Runner-Up)

Absolut Empire’s Ball Season Four (Winner)

Upcoming Appearances

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