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Growing up in a small town, Edie always had a fascination with art, fashion and the allure of old Hollywood glamour.
It wasn’t until finding Drag that Edie felt all of these passions could be combined into one creative outlet. Her performances during the past year and a half have put Edie on the map as one of London’s Fashion Queens. With a sketch pad and sewing machine, Edie creates designs from scratch for both her own performance wardrobe and that of other local performers.
Glamour and fashion isn’t everything though, after only a few performances and events Edie realized the transformative power that drag holds – the creation of a character with more freedom, more power, and more confidence allowed Edie to explore her ability to impact others and help spread the message of empowerment, unwavering acceptance, and love in our communities!
The most important thing is to always be yourself, even if you’re wearing a costume.

Glamourous Gal

Edie Violet wearing a white flower corset over a black velvet dress.

As Seen On

Sew Fierce Season 1 (Kyle)

Upcoming Appearances

October 26 | Elgin International Club | West Elgin, ON

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