Saltina is a colourful video game character come to life as an artistic and hilarious entertainer. She takes pride in knowing who she is while taking the necessary steps to push boundaries, make statements, and go wherever her imagination takes her. Creativity, humour, kindness, constant positivity, audience interaction, and amazing aesthetic makes for a fantastic performance. Saltina strives to educate on issues close to her heart. As a disabled queer person, she takes effort in the LGBQTA+ community to raise awareness, create leads, and overall act as a beacon of hope for those who think their disablements cause them to be anything less than great. She exudes messages of body positivity, disability awareness, and environmental activism whenever she has the opportunity. 

Saltina is a student obtaining her Master’s/PhD in Environmental Sustainability at the University of Ottawa. As she is equally academic as she is creative. She has become well-known in the Ottawa community for environmental advocacy, philanthropic initiatives, and event planning. 

Saltina performs regularly at Ottawa’s local bars and multiple venues where she hosts drag dinners and hosts a variety of U of Ottawa events. This queen has been accelerating her career from day one and isn’t slowing down. Her passion for life doesn’t stop at her drag. She received a second chance after a horrific car accident and she spends her free time exploring all kinds of ways to express her creativity and, of course, spending time with those who matter the most. Saltina truly is a Jill of all trades that can make any event exceptional.

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